Accurate Excavating with Air-Vacuum

Let us save you time and money on your next excavating project.

Take advantage of our expert Air-Vac excavating team on your next project and discover the benefits of waterless excavation! The lack of water means our system is perfectly suited for soft-dig trenching or exposing of located utilities, and makes jobs such as window well drain cleaning or fence post digging a breeze.

Incredible power, features, and efficiency come together in a versatile, accurate excavation system.

A potent weapon in your company arsenal
The System 5000 is a commanding excavation tool — the only one you’ll need for underground utility location, repairs, maintenance, and installation. It uses intense air power to penetrate, expand and explode the soil from within while keeping it dry for easy vacuuming and quick backfilling. It’s versatile and adaptable and offers high maneuverability with solid performance. It’s dynamic in its many uses and is economical to operate—do more work in less time, anywhere.

Power with a purpose
Easy to operate and user-friendly, this system has a full-opening rear door, so backfilling is fast and efficient. Its modest size and well-designed built-in, easy-access storage allows a two-man crew to set up for digging quickly and stow equipment away in minutes when the job is done. The SYSTEM 5000 makes sense both operationally and economically. Power means performance; performance means profit.

SYSTEM 5000 Benefits

Air-Vacuum Excavation Efficiency

  • Eliminates need to continually transport and dispose of mud spoils and replenish water supplies
  • Spoils stay dry for fast, efficient backfilling
  • Reduced job costs mean increased revenues and profits

Air-Vacuum Excavation Safety

  • Unlike water HydroVac—a non-compressible fluid that can cut or otherwise damage utilities—air is compressible, won’t
    damage utilities and is non-conductive
  • Water is conductive, making it especially dangerous around buried electrical utilities—air-vacuum excavation
    makes injuries and damage claims much less likely and results in increased revenues and profits.
  • Air won’t damage the road base and won’t spread contamination plumes

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