Devaly Truck Sales is a family run business started in 2006 by long time ‘farm boy’ and truck driver Darren Lorette and his wife Joy.

Darren grew up on a farm and spent time working for his uncle’s gravel business where he operated trucks and various equipment. After moving to Steinbach in the 1990, Darren worked in the trucking industry for local and long distance driving, and started selling trucks in 1997.

If you have an idea, we can either find it, or build it to fit your needs
Darren has been selling trucks for over 18 years and has experience with a wide range of specialty types. From farm trucks, to customs oil field units, to highway trucks and city delivery trucks.

We Can Import a Truck You’ve Found
Think you’ve found a great truck and need a hand getting it here? We have helped many people with importing trucks to Canada. From proper import papers to transport needs to get them here, we have brought trucks from as far away as Hawaii.

“Call them as they are, deliver what we say”